Looks can be deceiving, can’t they?

What looks like a seemingly ordinary Audi A5 is anything but normal when you look at what’s sticking out of its rear end. Dressed in a polished white garb, this particular A5 has been stripped bare of just about everything except for the body panels. What it now has, though, is a 1,000-horsepower turbocharged drag engine complete with a parachute on its behind and a full roll cage for safety.

The work was done by Jens Eklund and his team over at Eklund Racing, no strangers to turning Audis into 1,000-horsepower vehicles of mayhem. Apparently, their appetite for cars of mass destruction is once again being satiated by this unassuming A5.

Just goes to show how far boost junkies will go to to get their fix. We’re just hoping that they didn’t remove the seat belts like they did to just about everything else.

There are plenty of photos of this one-of-a-kind Audi A5 at your disposal. But more important than the photos is a 12-minute video of the car in action. Best be warned, this isn’t like any Audi A5 you’ve ever seen in the past.


Audi 100 S4

Motor : 2500 ccm 5 Cylinder 20V

0-100 Km/h :  ? Sec.
Max. Speed : 246 Km/h
Horsepower :  ~ 950 HP [75 HP Nitro]
Weight : ~ 1500 KG
Turbo : Borg Warner S480
RPM : ?
Transmission : ?
Tyres : M/T 10,5 * 26
Wheel Drive : Quattro AWD
Driver : Jens Eklund

Best 1/4 Mile : 9.36 @ 237 Km/h


Audi A5

Year : 2008
Motor : 2500 ccm 5 Cylinder Turbo
0-100 Km/h : ~ ? Sec.
Max. Speed : ? Km/h
Horsepower :  ~ 1000 HP
Weight : ? KG
Turbo : BorgWarner S480
RPM : ?
Transmission : ?
Tyres : M/T / Hoosier
Wheel Drive : RWD
Driver : Jens Eklund

Best 1/4 Mile :  8.38 @ ?  Km/h

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Source : http://www.topspeed.com

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