DM Performance Boosted E30 M3
No one can deny that the BMW E30 M3 is one of the best production car of its time. These days, I find a lot of these models having the S14 swapped out by inline sixes and being boosted. BMW Purist of course frowns upon such acts but I say Viva deFerence and let’s mess with perfection. DM Performance located in France is one of the top tuners there who enjoys making BMWs perform at peak performance.
Silver E30 M3 on black centered BBS LM’s, looks clean and tame.

Open up the hood and there is where the party is at. Detailed shots of the engine bay.
Not sure exactly which specific engine this is but my educated guess would be the E34 M5 engine as they proved very popular in the boosted bimmer community.
Intake manifolds like these were not something you expect to see in in a BMW engine bay but thank goodness for progress. Companies like PPF, HPF etc makes parts like these readily available for any one who has the money and the guts.
And of course, the hairdryer itself. 
This is only one of the many BMWs that DM Performance have built. You can check out their site at for more boosted bimmers of all generations.
Source : Jonsibal
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