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German super tuner edo competition, who somehow do not feel the need to capitalize their name, claim to have made the Ferrari FXX race car a street legal vee-hickle (go ahead, say it like you were Johnny Cash).

Or maybe they're just driving on the streets with an FXX race car and taunting the cops, as seen in the video here.

The fine folks at edo competition say that with a few add-ons they've manage to obey all the laws for a street-worthy vehicle in Germany. A proper windshield, all the required lighting, hand brake, and an exhaust system that makes the FXX meet all emissions standards. A new suspension has also been added with damping and adjustable compression.

No mention of bumpers, though, which one would think would be the first thing you'd need to make a race car street legal. Otherwise, scraping a cement pillar at the local shopping mall with your new FXX may become an expensive lesson in obeying the law.

 edo competition has worked on most supercars out there by making them even more powerful and exclusive.

Their latest work is Ferrari FXX that they claim is now street legal. FXX has 651 hp and costs around $2.5 million USD. It is a very rare race car with a production of only 30 cars. Customers are only allowed to drive the car on special track days approved by Ferrari and after they drive the car they have to brief Ferrari on the car’s performance.

 Michael Schumacher was given the last one (number 30) when he retired from Formula One racing at the end of 2006. Essentially an evolution of the Enzo, the FXX shares some components with its parent car, but significant portions are exclusive to the FXX.

It looks like one of the owners of FXX wanted to drive it on the streets as well. edo competition added a proper windshield, new lighting, hand brake, and a modified exhaust system. A new suspension has also been added. Hard to believe that this is all it takes to transform a race car into a street legal supercar.

Source : Globalmotors

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