1932 Ford Boydster
I have available for sale my pride and joy, My 1932 Boydster 11 JUCETR.  This
car has undergone a no expence spared build. It is the first Boydster to be built
outside of the USA, built in Australia under the guidance of the great Boyd
Coddington himself. This IS the only right hand drive Boydster built and on
the road.
Lets start with the body, genuine Boyd Coddington body, contracted out to one
guy, who spent a full 18 months, modifying, preparing, perfecting and painting.
He worked on this car and this car only for that entire 18 months, which shows
in the finish quality. Painted in a 3 stage House of Kolor candy orange, with
ghost flames underneath the front guards and running boards.
The front guards and running boards have been grafted together and recessed
into the much modified chassis, they have also been sectioned and lowered for
a better stance. The rear apron has been modified from original boydster style,
by having the strip LED removed and oval tailights and round indicators fitted.
All panel gaps are exactly 3mm (approx 1/8") throughout the entire vehicle. 
The front windscreen is Glass unlike most Boydsters and the vehicle even has a
removable hard top (which looks like a soft top) covered in convertable roof
material from a very expensive european brand. The fuel filler is accessible
from the outside of the vehicle unlike most other boydsters but still utilises the
original Boyd fuel tank.
Now the chassis, Original Boyd Coddington chassis with additional braces
fitted for better ride and handling to compliment Boyds famous pro ride
suspension, which has been fanatically detailed, Every component on the
chassis from the engine to the tailpipe has been either custom made, modified
or detailed to show quality, continuing the theme of the car which is the oval.
The engine block and transmission case have both been sanded smooth and
painted in the matching candy orange, the exhaust system is fully handmade
from 316 stainless steel which has had every flange waterjet cut and tig welded,
then polished to perfection. 30 hours alone in the oval tailpipe!!!
The entire chassis has been smoothed, prepared and painted in the same candy
orange as the exterior and the underside of this vehicle is as immaculate as the
exterior, many hours were spent wet rubbing and polishing the chassis, the
floor and each painted component under the car.
Now the drivetrain, engine is a 350 chev, edelbrock aluminum heads
(polished) Motec injection (8 throttle bodies) with M48 computer, balanced
and blueprinted, drives real nice, great power, starts easily, sounds tough!!
Trans is a turbo 400, 2500 convertor, full manual valve body, shifts and drives
superb. Rear end, Boyds independant, fully detailed, four wheel disc brakes,
calipers have had custom CNC machined covers including the cars name
This vehicle has won every major award on the modified car show circuit in
Australia for the last 3 years. One of the last shows the car was entered in, I was
lucky enough to meet Troy Trepanier who himself said that this was the BEST
Boydster he has ever seen !!!
The last award the car won, I received a trip to the USA, I will be in the USA
from the beginning of august for 3 weeks. Am happy to meet up with interested
purchasers and am happy to answer any questions about the car.
Yes, the car is located in Australia, but I will help the buyer with all aspects of
shipping the vehicle, of course, the shipping of this vehicle will be at the buyers
expence, but, I am happy to fly over to help unload and deliver the car at my
own expence.
This car has nearly double the asking price invested and is extremely well
known in Australia as one of the most significant show cars ever built!!
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