Dodge Viper Coupe 10 Cylinder Twin Turbo [1998]


The best of the best.  That is the best way to describe this car.  This car has been 7's at over 180mph in the 1/4 mile.  Here is the video:



 After making these incredible runs, the car was converted over to the car you see now.  The main changes were cam, smaller intercooler, valvetrain and more street friendly converter.  The transmission is a rossler TH400.

 It makes this car totally brainless to drive.  After having this car in an automatic, you couldn't pay me to have a 6 speed.  With the type of power this car makes, the automatic makes it 100% enjoyable.  The car was converted over and finished January of this year.  Everything was replaced in the car with new pieces.  The entire driveline is brand new with the best pieces.

The car comes with custom HRE rims with 20" nitto invo's on the rear.  You can drive this car to the track on the lowest boost setting, 12lbs and run 9's in the 1/4 mile on the tires you see here and drive it home.  I have ran the car at the track quite a few times.  If you have a local 1/8th mile track you easily run 6.30's at 120 on the lowest setting.

Your biggest issue will be keeping traction as the boost builds in the car.  It's an absolute blast to drive.  With slicks, the car will run 8.50's.  The car does have an NHRA certified cage to 8.50.  It comes with a transbrake and linelock mounted on the center console.  It does have a parachute, which I leave on the car.  Makes a good conversation piece.  It is hooked up and capable of being used.

The only reason for selling this car is a new project.  I love this car as it is the most amazing thing I have ever driven.  UnderGround Racing builds the best cars out there and this is proof of it.  It is why they'll be building my next project once I sell this car.

If you have never driven a turbo car on this level, you can't imagine what it is like.  There is nothing on the street, running a real street tire that can keep up with you.  

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